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Monthly Holistic Education Content Bundle + Program

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Holistic Education Taught By Bachelor Qualified Teachers.

An online holistic education membership designed for children aged 3-5 years.


More than a membership,

this is a community!

For the first time we are offering content from our Holistic Beings™ program online for parents, as home educators!

The membership content & tutorials are created by Whole Beings bachelor qualified teachers with holistic education at the core of their vision.

All members receive a bundle of NEW holistic content each month to dive into – full of holistic lessons that have been designed with the whole child at heart.

The teacher-led tutorials guide your child to follow along from home as we create, learn new things, story-tell, practice mindfulness & learn holistically.

Whatever we teach a child during the first seven years is going to become the tapestry of who they will become.

Create Holistic Learning Foundations.

By following Whole Beings® Program your child will –

  • Learn to have a more creative mindset in expression & thinking.
  • Develop an innovative & resourceful disposition.
  • Become an intuitive & open minded learner.
  • Be inspired to learn & develop a love for learning.
  • Explore language & literacy foundations in a holistic real-world manner.
  • Develop a sense of language & communication agency.
  • Learn maths & science concepts through real life experiences that connect them to the natural world.
  • Become more mindful by following the mindful prompts & learnings within the program.
  • Learn humanitarian values such as kindness, compassion, empathy & peace.
  • Learn to make meaning of & links to the world around them – in mind, body & spirit.
  • Develop a sense of connectedness to themselves, the community, the planet & universe.
  • Become a whole being.


Whether this is the start of your home education journey, preparation to begin school or just about a more holistic way of life - every child has unlimited potential & can be organically nurtured toward finding their identity & purpose in life!

We believe that the early years of a child’s life are when a child’s belief system is formed & children reveal their unlimited potential through a holistic approach to education.

Holistic Beings™ educates the mind, body and spirit through hands-on exploration, creative experiences & connecting to the natural world.

We put a huge focus on open-ended, mindful learning & hope to inspire this kind of education as a lifestyle.

You will follow Whole Beings® unique learning elements via a

weekly program planner which has been designed for a fluid & flexible approach to home education. For the first time our community of holistic-minded folk can interact online directly related to the content, which will be moderated by teachers.


Monthly Curriculum Content Bundle Includes.

  • 10 Holistic Home Experience Guides with 10 teacher led video tutorials
  • All Holistic Experiences link to our exclusive program elements for easy to follow home education
  • Creative Experience Ideas Guide including 8 Creative Experience Idea
  • Holistic Rhythm Arch – Interchangeable Daily Planner
  • A weekly Holistic Education Plan with program element links
  • Holistic Learning Guide & Editable Planning Documents Exclusive to Whole Beings®
  • Printable Holistic Resources with New Resource Added Each Month – Exclusive Design to Whole Beings®
  • Holistic Book List Updated Each Month with Recommended Readings
  • Mindfulness Corner with our latest Meditation Audio or EFT Practice Video
  • Holistic Education Resource Hub with Download & Print Resources from Past Content
  • Content Related Community Discussions Moderated by Teachers
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Holistic Education Guides

include teaching intention with evidence based learning outcomes, gather list, step by step process, holistic engagement, questions to ask & mindful prompts.

There’s a guide & tutorial for each experience! All materials listed will be sustainable, kind to the earth with minimal purchases required.

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What if learning could meet with lifestyle?

By creating holistic experiences for your child at home, your child will learn new concepts & that learning is actually everywhere!

If you've been looking for a program that offers more than just 'extra preschool activities' for your child to participate in during these crucial early years & will actually play a role in the wholehearted human they are going to become – this program is for you!

Planning material is based on our unique self-developed Holistic Beings™ Program.

You will have access to holistic planning resources & printables that will assist in creating an authentic holistic home learning program & environment.

Your Teacher

Whole Beings
Whole Beings

Whole Beings® was founded by two sisters, both registered teachers, whose vision is to ignite children with a powerful sense of who they are, whilst embracing their naturally creative minds and spirits.

Elysia & Nat began this journey after a combined 30 years of experience in early childhood, completion of bachelor degrees and postgraduate studies, which left them wanting to be more than just focused on academic tuition. They turned to where their own grass roots were, with beliefs that the mind, body and spirit of each child should be nurtured and that one doesn’t exist without the other.


Younger children can also benefit from the content by simply adapting it to the individual learning ability.

All content is copyright of Whole Beings®

This membership is for personal use only as a parent/home educator or a teacher in within a single classroom.

It is not to be reproduced any any circumstances. All commercial inquiries email [email protected]

Memberships are not available to social media account holders as a form of content. Misuse will lead to immediate cancellation & further action.

All content is updated on the first Monday of each month, so members must download the content before it is replaced with the new month.

All experiences & videos are downloadable to your computer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the membership work?
It is a completely self-paced online membership with NEW content every single month! All content is updated on the first Monday of each month, so members must download the content before it is replaced with the new month. All experiences & videos are downloadable to your computer.
Will I be able connect with other members?
Yes! We have comments sections under each & every experience for you to interact with us, as well as other members. There is also a community section where members have placed their Instagram names to connect with each other!
What will I have access to?
After enrolling, you have access to ALL member content for as long as you are enrolled - across any and all devices you own.
Am I locked in for a certain period of time?
No, you only pay month to month - there is no lock-in contract.
How do I cancel my subscription?
Subscriptions can be cancelled at anytime via logging in, under your profile tab on the top right hand corner click manage subscriptions & cancel. All students are responsible for cancelling their own subscription.




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